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Quickly Edit Sublime Text Color Schemes

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Despite the many Sublime Text color schemes, you’ll want a quick way to tweak your favorite without the hassle of making your own scheme. Here’s that quick way.

I’ll get right to it, as every discussion I could find was either needlessly complicated, written for Mac, or geared to making a new color scheme. While I found a color scheme I really liked – Black Rain – I needed to tweak just one color: the comments are grey and hard to read on the black background. I decided to make them gold, so they’d stand out a little.

Here’s how to quickly modify a color scheme if you’re using Sublime Text 3 on Windows:

  • Open the folder C:\Users\<yourUsername>\AppData\Roaming\Sublime Text 3\Installed Packages (assuming default install location);

  • Rename the color-theme package file you want to open (BlackRain, in my case), giving it a .ZIP extension, then open the file;

  • Copy the .tmtheme file to another folder, and open it with Notepad (or an XML editor); don't use SublimeText for this step, as it will put your Packages into use;

  • I like Notepad because it doesn’t add stuff to the file that you can’t see;

  • Find the parameter you want to edit (e.g., comment);

  • Go to X11 color names on Wikipedia and find the X11 value of the color you want to use (e.g,. #FFD700, which is "Gold" -- you can see I've already changed it here);

  • Paste that value, replacing the existing string # value;

  • Save your .tmtheme file. If your editor adds a .TXT file extension (or any other), remove that extension;

  • Copy the file;

  • Go back to your .ZIP file, delete the existing .tmtheme file, and paste in your edited .tmtheme file;

  • Go back up to the folder the .ZIP file is in, and remove the .ZIP extension;

  • When you open SublimeText again, the new color(s) will be in effect.


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