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New OWA Features in O365

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

The Office Team Blog has announced a number of improvements to OWA (or, "Outlook on the web" as Microsoft marketing now would like us to phrase it, tyvm.)


  • Calendar items now include an option to generate a reminder email; this puts the events more in-your-face than the OWA alerts toast and gives you more flexibility than the range of zero mimutes to two weeks that you get from the reminder timer. Note the new link:

Choose one of the defined intervals or set a custom reminder:

You can also include custom text and opt to send to all attendees or just yourself:

Other new features include:

  • Clicking a message in single-line view now displays the message in the same window -- no pop-up window

  • You can pin critical messages so they float to the top of your message list, similar to Twitter's implementation of this idea

  • Single-click archiving of messages

  • Sweep -- essentially per-sender retention policy in a context menu

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